Words With A Writer #3: Jacob Rundle


Jacob Rundle is a name you’re going to want to remember, so write it down somewhere. Let me show you why:


Me: To start, thank you for agreeing to participate in this series. I’m excited to get to know more about you.

Jacob Rundle: I am very excited and honored to be interviewed by you 🙂

Me: The first thing I noticed when I visited your website is the quote from Virginia Woolf, and I loved it! I hate to admit it, but I have never read anything she’s written. If you were to recommend one thing she’s written for me to read, what would it be?

JR: I would recommend To the Lighthouse. It is my absolute favorite of hers. She was a true visionary in the literary world; she still is. It’s a piece that really makes you think of “the act of looking”. To understand thought. She would sit around listening to herself think. How creative and magical that is.

Me: I love that! I’ll have to squeeze in some time to read it! I’ve always loved classics, though I haven’t read nearly as many of them as I would have liked. Is she your favorite author, or does that title belong to someone else?

JR: She is one of my favorites. My all time favorite is William Shakespeare. My mom was an English Literature major in college, so I inherited my love for the art of story from her. Who doesn’t love Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet. From time to time, I reread his workings.

Me: Would you say that these classic authors have influenced your writing style in any way?

JR: They have. They have taught me to hone into my creativity. Not only my creativity and imagination. Especially Shakespeare. I know there has been drama around his works and who he actually was, BUT his works are still out in the world. They inspire others. So, I guess they play a role in my daily life.

Me: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Augur of Shadows is your debut and is scheduled for release in February 2019. Can you tell us your favorite and least favorite things about getting to this point in your career as an author?

JR: Yes. Augur of Shadows releases February 26th. I’ll be honest. I have loved every single aspect. I have done so much research. I like to be prepared. I have studied business practices, copyright law, world and character building, made contacts with many other writers and artists. I have learned so much. I love to learn.

What I don’t like is the stigma with being an Indie author. I have prepared in every way. And indie authors don’t get the same respect, which we all deserve. We work extremely hard. And that is why I created the and I’m compiling a list of titles coming out in 2019. We have to support each other. And hopefully, one day I will have my own publishing company which will help indie authors.

Me: I can’t wait to see what/who all is included on those lists. I think everyone knows I have a fondness for book lists! Which category does Augur of Shadows fall into and what do you think makes it stand out from other books in that category?

JR: I have been asked that quite a bit. I classify Augur of Shadows as an Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy. There’s also a blooming love story. There is a bit of thrill and mystery. How it stands out? Well, for one I am spinning the idea of a Cataclysmic Event; it is the only way for the possibility of survival. These kids are burdened with the task. How doesn’t that mess with your mental and emotional states of mind? Secondly, my MC, Henri, is a 17-year-old kid learning about his sexuality. He is coming to terms with being gay, and now, he has this difficult destiny. How does one deal with it? Or does he? So, I feel that it’s a real, authentic story. A realistic tale.

Me: I’m definitely interested! I noticed on your website that you plan to make this a series. What led you to that decision?

JR: I knew that the story would be more than a single book. I wanted to build a world and characters. I didn’t want to rush through the process. There are stories that I love that are fast-paced, but I didn’t want my story to be that way. So, as of right now, it’ll be a four part series with a prequel. It gives the reader a chance to grow with the characters. I want the readers to know Henri. See his pain and loss.

Me: I know that you also have a blog and do book reviews. How do you manage to balance your time between all you have going on?

JR: I ask myself the same questions sometimes. I was in the Navy for eight years, and one thing that I learned was time management. I have a process for book reviews. And I have always been a fast reader. Everyone has their own process, but I have always been able to read quickly yet efficiently. Also, enjoying every minute of it makes it easier. I get so much joy for helping out other authors with book reviews. Such a great learning experience for both parties.

Me: First, thank you for your service! Second, that’s my hope with this series and the book reviews I’ll be doing as well. I want to see others succeed!

JR: I truly believe that there is enough success for everyone.

Me: You live in New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but would love to add it to my list of places to visit. What do you love about the city?

JR: I love the mystery and magic. There are so many different spiritual practices here, and I love it. There is so much inspiration. Whether it be New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou, and many other Diasporic Traditions.

Plus, the cemeteries are exquisite.

Me: I may need to come down there for a week or two while I’m working on my first attempt at a paranormal romance novel! It might just be the inspiration I need!

JR: Oh yes. It’s really the perfect place. So much inspiration.

Me: Now that we know more about you as an author, tell us something you enjoy doing that isn’t related to writing or reading.

JR: I love learning about different cultures and languages. I majored in the Russian Language in college. Growing up, my mom spoke German in the house. So, when I have free time, I study languages. I speak English, Russian, Spanish, German, and I’m studying Latin, Modern Greek, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Me: Wow! I have absolutely no natural instinct for other languages, so I’m impressed! Have most of them come easily for you?

JR: They have. I have always been great with languages. And when I study a language, I take a mathematical approach to it. 1+1=2. Well, Noun+verb= a sentence. With that approach, I learn them rather quickly. Not fluent by any means, but I can have conversations, and that is all that matters.

Me: Have you ever used your knowledge of other languages to your advantage or had the opportunity to call someone out for something they’ve said thinking no one would understand?

JR: Oh yes I have. I was working one day, and a Russian pair came into my store. They were saying rude things about me. So, when I checked them out, I spoke to them in Russian.

I also know ASL, and a customer was signing about my store. I waited till she was done, and I helped her while using ASL.

I am never rude about it. I love their facial expression when they realize I knew what they were saying. It’s fun.

Me: That would have made my day when I worked in customer service! One final question before we go…

If all of your plans work out the way you hope, where do you see yourself in ten years?

JR: In ten years, I see myself with a successful career as a writer, and I own my own publishing firm. I want to help other Indie Authors. Provide guidance and support. Help them formatting, editing, advertising, cover design, etc. I will fight for Indie Recognition.

Me: I hope that’s exactly what happens! I had a lot of fun with this interview and appreciate you taking the time to participate! Bal’shoye spasiba!

JR: Пожалуйста моя подруга!

Thank you for having me. I have really enjoyed the experience.


Want to know more about Jacob Rundle? Here’s where you can find him online:

Do you have any questions for him? Ask Away!


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